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How Does Mold Grow: The Simple Science

How Does Mold Grow
How Does Mold Grow

How Does Mold Grow: The Simple Science – Have you ever wondered how does mold grow? You probably have asked yourself this question especially when you have to deal with such a continuing and persistent issue. No house is immune to mold, no matter how hygienic or sterile the house is. You can only deal with the best removal or the best preventive method. You have no 100% power over the issue – meaning that you can’t really control whether the mold can grow or not.

Mold in the House

Mold will exist where it is warm or humid. With the right temperature and a lot of moisture to support the growth, the mold will likely persist for many years to come. In most cases like pink mold, mold that grows in the house has this greenish and black color. Besides their unattractive appearance, they also have this distinctive musty and mildew smell. If you spot such smell and you see blackish spots on the wall, it is highly likely that it is the mold growing there.

How Does Mold Grow: The Basic Science

So, how does mold grow? Just like other living creatures, mold will need food, moisture, and warmth to grow. When they are able to find these three elements, you can bet that the mold will strive and grow well there. In most cases, mold is found in the basement, the kitchen, and bathroom because they are mostly humid. However, mold can also found in other areas and places, provided that all the requirements for growth and life are met and fulfilled. The climate and the condition of the house will also affect the mold’s ability to grow.

How Does Mold Grow - The Simple Science

If there are places in your house where there is a leakage or flood, the spores can survive and last. It is possible for the spores to stay in the walls, pipes, or roofs that are damp or wet. The combination of room temperature condition, organic food source, and moist environment is pretty ideal for the mold to grow.

Where else can you find the mold?

  • In the paper or inside it
  • In the drapes
  • In the carpet
  • In the upholstery
  • Inside or on the cardboard
  • On the wallboard
  • On any wooden items
  • On the clothes

Mold will grow in the areas that don’t have enough ventilation or not exposed to the healthy flow of air. Mold likes to grow in the ideal temperature, in between 40 degrees and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Now that you know how does mold grow, it is always better to have a regular inspection before you have a mold infestation problem.