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Mold and Mildew Behind Shower Wall

The build-up of mold behind shower wall construction is a common occurrence. This dangerous accumulation develops because of the moisture in the small closed-up room that has only limited ventilation. Keep in mind that mold isn’t just an unpleasant concept – it is a serious health risk.

This moisture never completely dries and eventually seeps into the nooks and crannies of your shower tile to collect behind the shower wall, dry wall and even works its way into the insulation. Mold in shower wall like black mold takes an invisible foothold in the recesses of your shower unit and evolves into a dangerous presence that is ever lurking and always gaining strength until it is eradicated. Your shower can become a stealth toxic zone in your home – the place where your expectation is to be safe and secure.

Mold Behind Shower Walls
Mold Behind Shower Walls

Mold Behind Shower Wall

The technical name for toxic black mold is Stachybotrys chartarum which makes the unwanted substance sound even more threatening. The actual danger for you and your family is from the toxins produced by the mold which are called mycotoxins.

These hazardous toxins are dispersed by spores that colonize on the black mold. The risk to your family’s health occurs when these toxins, invisible to the human eye, float about and are inhaled.

Black Mold Behind Shower Walls
Black Mold Behind Shower Walls

Black mold behind shower wall

The mold behind shower wall construction is a greenish black and is gelatinous in nature. Left to gain strength for a prolonged amount of time, the toxins that are produced by the black mold can be nearly impossible to remove completely. There are some telling signs that black mold may be invading your shower. Perhaps you have experienced obvious water damage or leakage.

Warped areas of your shower wall, strange odors and peeling paint could all point to a black mold problem. If a black mold accumulation is suspected, you can contact mold removal experts to test for the presence of the toxic build-up. These inspectors have special equipment and devices that can detect the presence of mold even when it is out of sight.

Often there are no outward signs of mold build-up. You’re probably asking that if there is no visible sign of the dangerous substance what will prompt you to call in a mold inspection team. Physical symptoms that you or your family may be experiencing are often the calling card of the presence of toxic black mold behind shower wall construction.

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Symptoms that you should look for include seemingly minor complaints like respiratory ailments, skin irritations and fatigue to more serious conditions that include immune system disorders and damage to internal organs.

If mold behind shower wall construction might be a potential hazard, don’t delay. Have an expert determine the presence and accumulation level of the mold and adhere to his recommendations for immediate removal.